Parish Life

Members of the Grace family, youth and adult, have many chances to get together outside of services for fun, fellowship, service, and education.

Parish Groups & Activities

Youth Group and Youth Christian Education

The youth group at Grace is a scene of constant evolution as our mix of youth changes. For more, see the youth's page.

Grace Church Vestry

The vestry is the agent or legal representative of the parish regarding matters pertaining to its corporate property. It is responsible for the budget and finances of the parish; for establishing business practices and policies; planning; maintaining buildings and property. The vestry also serves as leaders in the parish and works with the rector to present and uphold a clear mission statement, vision, and plans for the church.

The 2019 vestry at Grace includes: Seated: Fred Lundgren, Richard Taylor (senior warden), Midge Myers, Marcia Splinter (treasurer of Grace Church), Nancy Lundgren (junior warden); standing: Barb Popiel, Carol Marotta (clerk) Phillip Crouse and The Rev. Carol Evans (rector of Grace Church). We are blessed to have good leaders for the duties and responsibilities of vestry and treasurer, and we appreciate the important service provided by these faithful volunteers.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

The Lenten Study for 2019 is called "Practicing Forgiveness With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind.” It features daily meditations that help you work toward forgiveness. It is published by Living Compass. We will have our usual Simple Soup Supper before the study, and end with the service of Compline. Call the church office for more details. All are welcome!

Those attending the first study session were: front row, l-r, Kathy Summy, Carolyn Englert (co-leader), Nancy and Fred Lundgren, The Rev. Carol Evans (rector and leader); back row-Marsha Snyder, Amy Neely, Michelle Lambert, Midge Myers,The Rev. William Snyder, Kingsland Pretorius and Rick Taylor.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Stepping Up to Leadership

December 8, 2018, seventeen students from Portage’s public and parochial schools participated in an event called “Stepping Up to Leadership,” sponsored by Grace Episcopal Church in Ravenna. The annual event gives seventh and eighth graders, who are interested in leadership, contact hour credit for peer discussions and learning about issues that greatly affect their age group. Participating schools were Crestwood Middle School, Field Middle School, Brown Middle School, Streetsboro School, St. Patrick’s School and St. Joseph School.

Local experts volunteer their time, and this year Kristen Carmen, a licensed professional clinical counselor, addressed the difficult subject of “Self Esteem/Depression/Suicide.” This topic had actually been requested by students. Carmen is a practicing school-based therapist in the Aurora School District.

Internet Safety completed the program, and Brian Kelley, Chief Technology Officer for the Ohio Turnpike Commission, and Amanda Brace, a licensed school counselor and clinical counselor in private practice in Kent, repeated their very lively and interactive presentation.

Mayor Frank Seman, of Ravenna, greeted the students and spoke about community issues facing citizens today. Seman is a retired middle school principal.

Chairman of the Event, Richard Taylor, emphasizes that, while not a religious event in any way, this program is, instead, a community effort to provide young people with confidence to make good choices, and to lead, should they ever find themselves in difficult situations. In addition, it is hoped that they continue the dialogue with their peers, fellow classmates.

Other volunteers that assisted with the program were Kay Wise, Marsha Snyder, Shirley Johnson and the Reverend Carol Evans, of Grace Episcopal, and Gary Slapnicker, our technical consultant. Anyone interested in next year’s conference, for students, or in helping, should contact Rev. Evans at the church.

Grave Ravenna Church

Rick Taylor and The Rev. Carol Evans with the students who attended the conference.

Grave Ravenna Church

Left: Ravenna Mayor Frank Seman greeted the students and talked about the community and issues facing the community.
Right: Chairman of the Conference Rick Taylor discusses its purpose with the students.

Grave Ravenna Church

Left: The Rev. Carol Evans welcomes the students to Grace Episcopal Church.
Right: Kristen Carmen talks to the students about self-esteem and depression.

Grave Ravenna Church

Left: Brian Kelley and Amanda Brace inform students about internet safety.
Right: Amanda Brace does a role playing activity with the students.

Grave Ravenna Church

Left: Kristen Carmen does an activity with the students.
Right: Rick Taylor, The. Rev. Carol Evans, Marsha Snyder, Kay Wise, Shirley Johnson and Gary Slapnicker volunteered their time to help with the conference.

Grave Ravenna Church

Grace Episcopal Church Sunday School Picnic was held at Wingfoot Lake Park, Suffield, October 14, 2018. It was a gorgeous day to enjoy food and fun-- tennis, miniature golf, frisbee, and dog walking. Thanks to those who made it a Fun Day!

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

The “Just Us” Band gave a Bluegrass, Gospel and 50’s Country Music Concert August 11, 2018, in the Church Hall. Thanks to Cherry Monegan, Carol Marotta and other members of the church for making this event a success.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church


From left: Dennis Dier (Junior Waden), Nancy Persell, wife of The Right Reverend William Persell, The Reverend Carol Evans, The Right Reverend Arthur B. Williams, wife Lynette, and Nancy Lundgren (Senior Warden).

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, Grace Episcopal Church celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Reverend Carol S. Evans’ ministry among them. Bishop and Mrs. Arthur Williams and Bishop and Mrs. William Persell of the Diocese of Ohio joined nearly 90 congregants and community members in the celebration. Food was provided by members and the Hospitality Committee served as hostesses. Among the many who contributed to the planning were Marsha Snyder, Nancy Ervin, Mary Jean McDonald, Shirley Johnson, Carolyn Englert and the members of the Sit ‘n’ Stitch group.

The Parish Hall was decorated with lanterns and roses by Marsha Snyder & Cherry Monegan, and Shirley Johnson took pictures of the event.The gift of a photo album of memorable events of the past 20 years was compiled by Carolyn Englert. Speakers who shared memories and spoke about the ministry included The Rev. Wm. Snyder, deacon; Bette Brooks, immediate past Senior Warden; Martha Croll, choir and music director; Nancy Lundgren, current Senior Warden; Roberta O’Keefe, member of long standing; and Frank Seman who presented The Rev. Carol with a proclamation. A "love gift" from the parish was presented by Marsha Snyder. Area clergy were among guests attending.

The Rev. Evans and her husband, Maynard moved to Ravenna to accept her position as rector of Grace Church in February of 1998. Both enjoyed the 20 year celebration and appreciate the blessing of the ministries and fellowship shared with the Grace Church family.

Grave Ravenna Church

The Rev. Carol Evans and Carolyn Englert, leaders

Seated left to right: The Rev. William Snyder, Dennis Dier, Sally Dier, Nancy Lundgren, Fred Lundgren, Billy T. Johnson; standing left to right: Carolyn Englert, Marsha Snyder, Mary Jean McDonald, John McDonald, Marcia Splinter, Carol Marotta, Shirley Johnson, Mike Johnson and Richard Taylor.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Grace Episcopal Church makes Blessing Bags

Grave Ravenna Church

Front row: Shirley Johnson, Debbie Shorts, The Rev. Carol Evans (rector at Grace Episcopal Church), Pat Williams (chairman of the project); Back row: Rick Lashley and Carol Marotta.

Several members of Grace Episcopal Church, Ravenna, and Rev. Carol Evans saw information regarding “Blessing Bags” posted on Facebook and thought it was a wonderful idea. Members of the church have made about 20 “Blessing Bags” so far. They are at the church, and also members are encouraged to keep a “Blessing Bag” in their car in case they find someone in need. The bags include items such as: gloves, thermal socks, beef sticks, crackers, candy bars, toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, deodorant, snacks, lip balm, hand cream and other items that may help someone who is homeless or in need. Thank you to the ones that did this long before us, and to our members helping with this project. Random acts of kindness can change people in the world.

Grave Ravenna Church


Thanks to everyone who sold, baked, helped pack or bought cookies! Thanks to our Chairman Carolyn Englert.

Grave Ravenna Church

(Above) Front Row: Shirley Johnson, Alex Wroblewski, Joan Seman, Nancy Lundgren
2nd Row: Nancy Ervin, Roberta O’Keefe, Mary Jean McDonald, Cathy Potisuk, Kay Wise, Marsha Snyder, Carolyn Englert (Chairman)
3rd Row: Carol Marotta, David Miller, Mike Johnson, Ken Englert.

Grave Ravenna Church

(Left) Getting boxes ready are Ken Englert & Mike Johnson. (Right) Packing cookies are Dave Miller & Nancy Ervin.

Grave Ravenna Church

(Left) On the right Roberta O’Keefe labels boxes, while Dave Miller, Alex Wroblewski & Carol Marotta help. (Right) All working to complete the task.

Grave Ravenna Church

Tapestries of Ohio
A Madrigal Christmas Concert

Tapestries of Ohio, A Madrigal Christmas Concert, came to Grace Episcopal Church, December 16, 2017. Thanks to Tim and Marcia Splinter, members of our church and members of the group, for bring Tapestries to our church.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church


Grace Episcopal Church of Ravenna hosted a special conference December 2nd, 2017, for 7th and 8th graders to learn about “Internet Safety” and “Prescription Drugs and Heroin.” Guidance Counselors nominated students from each of Portage county’s thirteen middle schools. 18 students participated from St. Patrick’s, Field, Brown, St. Joseph’s, Garfield, Crestwood and Revere. Local experts volunteered their time for this event. The Internet program was presented by Brian Kelley and Amanda Brace. Kelley is the Chief Technology Officer for the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission and formerly the Chief Information Officer for Portage County. Brace is a licensed school counselor and professional clinical counselor at Counseling for Wellness, LLP, in Kent. Gabrielle Harris conducted the session on Prescription Drugs and Heroin. She is a Kent State graduate, and is currently an Alcohol and Drug Prevention Specialist at Townhall ll. This was a community effort to provide young people with some confidence to make good choices and lead, should they ever find themselves in difficult situations on their own or with friends. Grace Episcopal Church Volunteers who help with the conference included Rick Taylor, Chairman; Carol Marotta; Frank Seaman; Marsha & Bill Snyder; Kay Wise; Cathy Potisuk; Gerry Rich; Carolyn Englert; The Rev. Carol Evans, Rector at Grace Church; and Shirley Johnson, photographer.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

(LEFT) Gabrielle Harris, presented the program on Prescription Drugs and Heroin; Frank Seman, Mayor of Ravenna and member of Grace Church; and Richard Taylor, member of Grace Church and chairman of the event.

(RIGHT) Students are participating in an activty led by Gabrielle Harris.

Grave Ravenna Church

(LEFT) Brian Kelley and Amanda Brace talk with students on Internet Safety.

(RIGHT) Amanda Brace leads sutdents in an activity.

Grave Ravenna Church

Getting to know you.

Grave Ravenna Church

BISHOP WILLIAM PERSELL visits Grace Episcopal Church, Ravenna, OH, November 4, 2017.

Grave Ravenna Church

First row: Cherry Monegan, Judie Golden, Bishop William Persell, Debbie Hauchen, John Monegan, Rev. Carol Evans. Second row: Cory Sheldon and Sheri Chehovits, (Luke’s God parents), Shala, Luke and Dan Kearsey.

Shala, Luke and John were Baptized, Cherry was Confirmed, and Dan, Debbie and Judie were Received. Following the service was a delicious luncheon reception and a lovely cake in celebration of the baptized, confirmed and received. At this time members of the parish welcomed Bishop Persell and his wife Nancy.

Grave Ravenna Church


Grave Ravenna Church


Grave Ravenna Church

United Thank Offering Sunday, September 24, 2017

Grave Ravenna Church

Pictured are Marsha Snyder, ECW President; Bette Brooks and Sally Dier, worship readers; and Pat Williams who furnished cup cakes for the 9 AM coffee hour. UTO chairman, Carolyn Englert, Carol Marotta and Doris Whipple furnished cupcakes and brownies for the 11AM coffee hour.

In September we celebrated the 165th birthday of the founder of UTO. Julia Chester Emery was the second National Secretary of the Women’s Auxiliary (her sister was the first), who envisioned creating a network of women to support missionaries and the expansion of the Episcopal Church. She is credited as the founder of the United Thank Offering. Julia led the Women’s Auxiliary and the United Thank Offering for forty years, from 1876 until 1916. She was a modest and self-effacing woman; careful to stay out of the limelight, so not much is known about her life. She traveled around the world to visit mission outposts supported by UTO and visited extensively throughout the church, visiting every diocese and missionary district at least once. Julia gave up much in order to continue her work. She turned down a proposal of marriage that would have caused her to lose her job, and she fought for the canonical status of the deaconess program, which helped build the foundation for the ordination of women. Julia Chester Emery reminds us that we all possess the resources we need to be effective missionaries; through the two most important qualities exemplified in her life: a willingness to try new things, and the tenacity to see through difficult tasks and ideas to their culmination.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Twiddle Muffs, a Grace Church Project
April, 2017

Members at Grace Church were asked to make Twiddle Muffs to donate to local nursing homes. These are “sleeves” or muffs that can be sewn, knitted, or crocheted, and are embellished with buttons, ribbons, zippers and beads. They help residents with Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia as they give them something to play with, or “Twiddle’. Over 30 were made by church members.

Grave Ravenna Church

Pictured above: Longmeadow Care Center Activity Director, Diann Hartley (center) receives Twiddle Muffs from Carolyn Englert and Marsha Snyder.

Grave Ravenna Church

Pictured Above: The Woodlands Program Director, Ellen Kiser (left) receives Twiddle Muffs from Mary Jean McDonald, Marsha Snyder and Carolyn Englert.

Grave Ravenna Church

Letter Writing, March 26, 2017

Parishioners and staff gathered to send personalized letters to family, friends and neighbors to invite them to church, especially for Easter. Many folks also sent letters to those who have become inactive, asking them to reconnect. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write letters, and thanks to Rick Taylor for this great idea.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Spring Luncheon 2017

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

About 70 people attended the Spring Luncheon at Grace Episcopal Church on March 25, 2017. The Fund Raising Committee which includes: Kay Canan, Carol Marotta, Cherry Monegan and Courtney and Phillip Rich, did an awesome job of organizing the event. The presentation of the food was as if we were at an elegant tea, and it was delicious. The Deerfield Dandies provided the entertainment. The committee would like to thank everyone who attended, provided food, and helped in any way with this event.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church
Grave Ravenna Church

Planning Committee

The planning committee for the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Grace Episcopal Church recently met to discuss final arrangements for the April 25, 2015 open house. There will be tours of the church, lunch available, antique items, raffle baskets and Gracie's Back Door will be open. Learn the history of Grace Church.

Those at this meeting were: seated- Nancy Ervin, Bette Brooks, Rev. Carol Evans -rector of Grace Church, Barb Popiel- committee chairman, Mechele Novak. Standing are David Miller, Carol Marotta and John McDonald.

Grave Ravenna Church

Celebrating 150 Years

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Christian Education Teachers

Sue Ahrens, Stacy Scibelli, Carolyn Englert (Adult Ed.}, Christine Stickle and Nikki Stickle.

Grave Ravenna Church

2017 Lenten Study Group

This group met each Wednesday evening during lent for soup, the study and discussion of The Life of King David and Compline. In the photo are seated: Sue Ahrens, Marsha Snyder, Jane Gear-Jozsa; Standing: Kay Canan, Fred Lundgren, Cherry Monegan, Bette Brooks, Carol Marotta; Back row: Rev. Carol Evans (rector at Grace Church), and Nancy Lundgren.

Grave Ravenna Church

ECW (Episcopal Church Women)

womens group

E.C.W. is an important part of Grace Church and every woman in the parish is a member. A 9 AM Saturday breakfast meeting is held several times a year, with hostesses serving breakfast for an average of twelve people. E.C.W. projects include: United Thank Offering in both Fall and Spring; the Lillian Vallely School, an Episcopal native Indian school in Blackfoot, Idaho; the County Clothing Center collection of underware and socks; and Safer Futures, the battered women’s shelter, supplying them with items they need. To make money the E.C.W. has an annual Christmas cookie sale. Monies made continue to help the church with projects and the community. ...

Grace Episcopal Church donates books to the Lillian Valley School

Grave Ravenna Church

Thanks to donations from parishioners of Grace Church, the ECW (under the direction of Marsha Snyder, president of the group) packed up 9 boxes of educational books for the Lillian Vallely School, Blackfoot, Idaho. This is an Episcopal Elementary School, grades 1-5, on the Blackfoot Reservation.

Grave Ravenna Church

Sit n' Stitch Group at Grace Church

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. To show our support, the Sit n' Stitch group at Grace Church has made to date 27 purple scarves to donate to Safer Futures, our local women's shelter. The scarves will be distributed during the month of October. Bev Lewis-Mercury, Bette Brooks, Carolyn Englert, and Marsha Snyder are just part of the group who attended the Tuesday meeting to pack the scarves for delivery.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Grace Church 50's Dance

Thanks to Kay Canan and her committee, a 50's Dance was held in June, 2016. The evening included: dance and hula hoop contests, best costume contest, a 50/50 drawing, basket raffle, and the highlight of the evening was an appearance by Elvis. Refreshments were served and a fun evening was had by all who attended.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church


Nine church members learned the history of icons, how they are used as an aid in prayer, and even made their own - called “writing” an Icon. The session was led by Carolyn Englert and The Rev. Carol Evans.

Pictured at left going around the table: Mike Johnson, Jane Gear-Josa, Toni Worthen, Mechele Novak, The Rev. Carol Evans, Carolyn Englert, Bette Brooks, Kay Canan, Judy Canan, and Sue Ahrens.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Wine Tasting Event

This event was planned by the Church Vestry fund raising committee. Grace Church Members Susan and Steve Merrill, previous winery owners in Michigan, gave a informative history about wine and instructed the proper way to taste wine. The invent included food, 50/50, raffle baskets, door prizes and entertainment. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Ravenna on Display

Grace Episcopal Church had a table at Ravenna on Display at the Ravenna High School on October 10, 2015. Those helping at the event were Carolyn Englert, Marsha Snyder, Barb Popiel and The Rev. Carol Evans.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Old Fashioned Hymn Sing at Grace Ravenna Church

October 23, 2015

Grave Ravenna Church

Helping out at the Hymn Sing were: Beth Dier, Sally Dier, Kay Canan ( chairpersons of the Hymn Sing project ), Dani Lynn McDonald ( accompanist from Hiram College ) and Dani Dier. Absent from the photo was The Rev. Carol Evans, Rector of Grace Episcopal Church.

The Hymn Sing was divided into categories:

Fellowship and refreshments followed the Hymn Sing. A good time was had by all who attended.

St. Nicholas

December 4, 2016, Grace Church welcomed Steve Merrill, portraying St. Nicholas. He gave a history of this beloved Saint during both services.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

December 18, 2016, following the 10:00am service, Grace Church parish members decorated the church for Christmas. This was followed by a hot dog and chili lunch served by Nancy Ervin and the Hospitality Committee.

Grave Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church


The Choir participates in the 10:00 Sunday service from September through May, generally with an anthem. They put on more involved music programs for the Christmas and Easter services. Tim Lewichi organist (front right) and Martha Croll choir director ( front left). It is a small but dedicated group and is much appreciated by the congregation.

grace ravenna choir

Coffee Hour

Services are typically followed by casual fellowship in the Parish Hall. For many, this time to simply chat over coffee is as fulfilling as worship service.

Grave Ravenna Church

Hospitality Committee

One of the true blessing of our church family! In addition to organizing our Parish potlucks, this group serves our communal needs with receptions and meals for special occasions and for bereaved families after funerals. They also organize home cooked meals for people or families during times of trouble such as sudden serious illness or injury. Nancy Ervin is the Chairman of our Hospitality Committee.

Grave Ravenna Church

Gracie's Back Door (Thrift Store)

Grace Ravenna Church

Gracie's Back Door, open every Wednesday from 10-2, is a thrift shop that depends on donations from members of the church and the community. The proceeds from the sales are used to help those in need both in the church and in the community. Many of the items you will find at Gracie's are dolls, salt and pepper shakers, various pictures for the home, gift ware, crafts and seasonal gifts and decorations for the many holidays throughout the year. Gracie's accepts all donations except large furniture and clothing.

Grave Ravenna Church

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain at Grace Church accepts prayer requests not only from Parishioners but from any who ask. These requests can be for family, friends, or anyone. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. To make a prayer request, email either the rector.

Grave Ravenna Church

Fellowship Breakfast

The third Thursday of every month at Brimfield Steak House, Brimfield, Ohio at 8:00 AM. Everyone Welcome!

Grace Ravenna Church Grace Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves and Fishes is a dinner offered to the community for people who are homeless and/or less fortunate. The hot dinners are held at The United Methodist Church in Ravenna every Saturday. Several churches are involved. We are paired with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

Christine and Nikki Stickle cook and serve meals from Grace Church

Grace Ravenna Church Grave Ravenna Church

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals at Grace Church is on the first Sunday in October each year. Bring your furry family members for a blessing.

On October 4, 2015,The Rev. Carol Evans held the Blessing of the Animals in the parking lot across from the church. The owners and animals blessed included: Joe Benek and Renae Delvitto with cats: Thelma, Louise, and TC and horses Aztec and Sadie; Deborah Shorts and Eric Ballou with dog Buddy; Martha and Jeff croll and Bernie Hisey with dog Fuzzy; Carol Marotta with dog Suzy; Shirley Johnson with cat Teddy. A reception was held in the Parish Hall for owners and their pets.

blessing of the animals

Volunteer Recognition / Clean-up Sunday 2014

Grace Ravenna Church Grace Ravenna Church

In memory of Gary Bell

William Snyder, member of the Men’s Card Club at Grace Episcopal Church, presents Anne Marie Noble, Director of the Center of Hope, a check for $200 In Memory of former Club member Gary Bell.

Grace Ravenna Church

Grace Church honors their Veterans

November 9, 2014, Luncheon honors Grace Church Veterans for their service.
Those Veterans attending were back row: Billy Johnson, John Machisko, Carol Marotta, Bill Snyder;
front row: Phillip George and Maynard Evans. Not pictured John McDonald.

Grace Ravenna Church