Grace Church Youth Group and Youth Christian Education

The Youth Group is one of the most dynamic groups in our Church Family. As the makeup and needs of our Youth change, the activities are in constant evolution.

We do have some regular or annual functions

grace episcopal youth grace episcopal youth

Sunday School Class, March 26, 2017; First Row: Gregory Ballwin, Hera Whipple, and Jenna Summy (teacher assistant). Second Row: Athena Whipple, MacAlah Simonson, Kara Simonson, Jada Whipple, Jameson Patrick, and Chris Stickle, Sunday School Teacher.

Youth Servers at the Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, 2017

grace episcopal youth

Thanks to the youth who helped make this supper go smoothly. Front row: Gregory Hallway, Kelly Ervin, Aundrea Seman, Kirsten Seman, and Madison Ahrens. Back row; Gerry Rich, Emily Ervin and Maggy Rich.

Parents and Church Youth Advisors share in Youth Activities

grace episcopal youth

Trip to the Corn Maze

grace episcopal youth